ELNOSA organised a conference dedicated to the Biocidal Products Regulation in order to discuss the legal obligations related to the commercialization and use of these chemical products. The initiative took place on November 23 at Pazo da Cultura in Pontevedra.


The main goal of this event was to raise awareness among ELNOSA customers regarding the legal procedures to follow for the use and commercialization of sodium hypochlorite-based biocidal products.


During the session, the participants had the opportunity to clarify any doubts and also to discuss in detail the impact that this Regulation will have on the supply chain.


The event was attended by the Health Inspector of A Coruña, Francisco José Malvido Pousada, who gave a presentation on the sanitary control of sodium hypochlorite-based biocidal products. Also present at this event was the CUF team responsible for REACH and BPR, Anabela Pinto and Juliana Agostinho. Finally, to close the event, Dignora Garcia, from ATQ Quimyser, and Pedro Rodríguez, from Quimeltia, were invited.